OASIS® Matrix products: Simple to store, simple to handle

Simple to apply


Prepare and debride the wound bed to ensure it is free of exudate and devitalized tissue.


Select the form of OASIS Matrix you prefer and choose the appropriate size.


Secure the sheet with bandages (OASIS Wound Matrix and ULTRA), sutures, or staples (OASIS ULTRA Tri-Layer Matrix).

OASIS ULTRA Tri-Layer Matrix is thicker than OASIS Wound Matrix, can be sutured or stapled, and may be more appropriate for deeper wounds.


Apply non-adhesive dressing.


Hydrate OASIS Matrix with sterile saline.


Cover with appropriate dressing for moisture management.


If appropriate, use a compression wrap (VLU); or boot, cast, or offloading device (DFU).


Leave in place (typically 1 week for OASIS Wound Matrix; typically 7-14 days for OASIS ULTRA Tri-Layer Matrix) or change outer dressing as drainage dictates.


Reapply OASIS Matrix as needed.

Successful application may result in caramel-colored or off-white gel

  • If a caramel-colored or off-white gel (termed caramelization) forms on the surface, do not remove this gel by debriding.
    • This caramelization contains building ECM components, which continues to replace deficient and missing ECM in the wound
  • Gently cleanse the wound surface with sterile saline, then apply new OASIS Matrix if necessary
Example of caramelization on a wound managed with OASIS Matrix
Example of caramelization on a wound managed with OASIS Matrix